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Planning Nothing…

I’m saved from complete humiliation… apparently there was a guest post from Steven Savage in the hopper awaiting my approval. And I was able to put a post together that will run tomorrow. So I’m not feeling too bad about my unanticipated slacking… anyway, check out Steve’s post, “Plan for Everything, Plan for Nothing” and see if it helps to keep you from going late on your projects!:)

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Best Small Bloggers…

OK, I’m arguably a touch vain. Maybe just a teensy bit neurotic. Hey, I’m a writer, that’s part of the territory. I occasionally google myself just to see if there’s anything new going on in my life that I need to know about. Now and again something really cool pops up. Today was one such day. I found myself mentioned on Ileandra Young’s blog as part of her Liebster Blog Award list; passing along the love (because this is a really cool idea!), here’s my list:

Anne R. Allen’s Blog

All right, I have no idea how many followers Anne has, but it’s a good blog all the same. She talks about writing and creativity, and it’s one of the few blogs I actually have delivered to my inbox.

Write Am I

This one’s a recent discovery of mine; a local Richmond gal, part of the Sarcastic Broads, and a beginning writer. She has the gift I lack of putting lots of funny and cool photos into her posts; I’m far too lazy, so I sit back and admire the heck out of her industry.

John Adcox Reviews Pretty Much Anything

A good source for reviews on anything from books to pumpkin beer.

A Good Blog is Hard to Find

OK, again, I have no idea how many subscribers this blog has, but it’s always a fun one to stop by and browse through when I have the time. And really, with that title? Sold from the start.

Widdershins Worlds

Another one I get in my inbox; I met the author through the now-defunct CoyoteCon and have been friends with her, and following her progress, ever since.

While I’m at it, I’m going to give a shout out to Magical Words, because even though I suspect it’s well over the 200 follower mark, and thus disqualified for the Liebster Blog Award, it’s a really cool blog with a lot of really good writing advice. For a blog more focused on jobs, the economy, and the “geekonomy”, I follow Fan To Pro, the “home blog” of my regular guest poster Steven Savage. Check them out too.:)

So thank you very much to Ileandra Young for naming me in her list of bloggers to check out, and I hope you enjoy my list! Please do create your own to share–there are a lot of great small bloggers out there worth following.Liebster Blog Award


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Some Folks Just Can’t Stop….

….writing, that is. A good case in point would be Steven Savage of Fan to Pro. He offer daily updates on his tech-news blog, runs an idea-generating site called Seventh Sanctum, wrote and self-published a very good book on “Unlocking Career Insights With Your Hobbies”…oh, and he guest blogs for me twice a month….but that’s not enough for him. No, he now has THREE more books out: “ProGeek Rising, Vol. 1“, which is a compilation of early Fan to Pro blog posts, “Inhuman Resources“, which is a themed collection of past posts, and most recently, “Convention Career Connection: Putting the Pro Into Your Con“.

The man’s a maniac, and like most writing maniacs has developed a strong personal brand and a hatful of great ideas. I plan to pick up the “Convention Career Connection” book, as it looks to be exactly the type of thing I need right now; look for me to review it on this blog within the next couple of months. And Steven already knows that even though he’s a regular guest blogger, I’ll be honest about my thoughts on his book in my review. That’s just the risk you take, trad-published or self-published….but I have a feeling I won’t be stumbling over too many flaws in his work.

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