Steven Savage: Share Your Tools!

I’m using a great tool called Wunderlist in order to stay organized — it’s a simple task management tool that lets you sync across computers, tablets, phones, etc. My writing is already far better organized because of it.

I’m sharing with you because it’s useful — but also to make a point.

Are you sharing your favorite tools with fellow writers and creative people?

Of course there’s one obvious reason to do this — you’re a nice person and want to help people.  But there are other reasons to share these tools:

  • First, if you share, so do other people. If you start telling people all the wonderful tools you use in writing (and general organization) they’ll share their secrets.
  • You’ll meet fellow users — who can share tips. Where I work now, Wunderlist seems to be all the rage (separately, ironically). I’ve shared a few tips with people.
  • Those fellow users will tell you about flaws in those tools. How many of us have been enchanted by a great piece of software only to discover problems later? Your friends and those who hear of your great discovery may help you avoid heartbreak.
  • You’ll find alternate pieces of software to use as people suggest them.
  • You’ll find out about complementary pieces of software, stuff that works well with your new love — that you might never have otherwise heard about.

There are so many tools out there for aspiring writers — start sharing them. It’s the right thing to do — and it may be educational to boot.

So, I told you about Wunderlist — what new tools and gizmos are helping you write?


3 responses to “Steven Savage: Share Your Tools!

  1. shawna

    April 20, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Not heard of Wunderlist, will have to ck. it out. [a good excuse to avoid writing on aggravating writing w-i-p-s.😉 ]

    It’s not multi-platform, yet, but my Best organizational tool – Scrivener writing software!

    Both for writing and everything else that I need to try to be organized with.
    I did All the Conference travel in it last year! Including speakers and their volunteers.😉 Plus, I moderated two sessions at the Conf. so I was able to keep it all together in the one Conf. file and still keep it all straight. Was way I was able to keep it All straight!

    My husband so impressed he got Scrivener Windows version in Beta! He’s a computer geek, and they Never do that. Then he checked every few days for the ‘real’ release to come out.😉 He actually did / finished NaNo so he could get Scrivener Windows version 1/2 off.😉 [I got my copy of Mac Scrivener doing the same thing year or so before.😉 ]

    Best thing I’ve done for my writing in… well, a while.😉 Can’t say enough good things about Scrivener!
    It’s one of the best things that’s happened to my writing.

    • Leona Wisoker

      April 20, 2012 at 6:25 pm

      I’ve been using Scrivener myself since January. I agree, it is awfully nice. A few bits that irritate me, like when you’re exporting files, the formatting sometimes gets screwy–but otherwise, it’s been fantastically useful.


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