LeonaTwitterPicLeona Wisoker started out as a writer when she was eight. Her parents made the deadly mistake of praising her work, and friends and family alike have had to wade through piles of her writing ever since. This is, thankfully, not as tedious a task as it used to be (or so she is assured).

Her science fantasy series, Children of the Desert, is now up to four books, all published though Mercury Retrograde Press; Secrets of the Sands, Guardians of the Desert, Bells of the Kingdom, and Fires of the Desert. Book five (the last in this series) is in progress, as is a followup series. Free samples of these books can be found on Scribd, here, along with samples of other Mercury Retrograde Press books.

Leona writes and edits, respectively, for Green Man Review and the Sleeping Hedgehog. Her short fiction can be found at, and has also been published in Galactic Creatures, Sha’Daa:Pawns, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, “Futures: Fire to Fly Magazine” and at

She is on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Shelfari; at the moment, Twitter is her most active social media outlet, and the others are updated in the rare moments between the completion of one overdue project and the beginning of the next.

Leona currently lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, with an extraordinarily patient husband and two large dogs, all of whom do their best to drag her into physical activity once in a while. They usually fail.

More information on Leona’s novels may be found at her main website,

(Please note that all reviews are either based on items received for free from publishers, bookstores, and individuals, with no expectation of a favorable review in return, or self-bought at full price. Leona NEVER accepts or allows compensation to bias her reviews or commentary one way or the other.)

To contact Leona directly, please email: leona (at) leonawisoker (dot) com.


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